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Why I Love the Green Roofing Systems

With so much of concrete all around, it is a heavenly feeling to have a green roofing system installed in your home. Just try to picture some soothing greenery atop your house in place of those shingles! A great respite to eyes that are bored of the concrete or other conventional roofs; green roofs also help save energy costs and are loved by mother earth as well.

Green roof systems are installed in layers, starting with a waterproof membrane topped with a drainage system. This is done so that accumulated water does not rot the plants or leak into the building structure. Such roofing systems could include grass, wildflowers, perennial plants, shrubs and even trees. The best thing about these roofs is that they can function well in almost any climate or growing zone. For best results, green roofs must be installed by a skilled, professional roofing contractor in Dallas.

Advantages of green roofing systems:

  • Insulation of buildings

Such roofs keep the building cool during summers and warm, during the chilling winters.

  • Enhanced re-sale value of the building

With a wide range of benefits, from tax credits to aesthetics and insulation, green roofs definitely fetch higher prices for buildings they are installed on.

  • Federal tax credits

Green roofing system buildings help owners qualify for energy tax credits of up to as much as $15,000 on their federal tax return.

  • Environmental benefits

Such roofs result in enhanced air quality. Also, the ecosystem benefits with such roofs as they are frequented by birds and soil friendly insects. Further, green roofs also filter the rain water that does not run off the roof.

  • Environmental sound reduction

These roofs provide ample sound insulation as well. Especially in noisy industrial areas or places with a high traffic volume, green roofs keep the annoying external noise out of the building.

Thus, we can see that apart from being a visual delight, green roofs have several other benefits too. It is best to look for a professional roofing service company in your area. For example, in Dallas, roofing contractors can be called in to evaluate your existing roof and install a green roofing system.

The major challenges to green roofs are waterproofing and installation of root barriers. Structural support may also be needed as sod and plants are a bit heavier compared to a shingle roof. Green roofs are a fruitful investment in the long run, if they are installed and maintained properly.

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