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Disaster Response

Natural occurrences such as storms are beyond our control. We can only predict when they are about to happen and we have no control over how bad they get. Every year, ten to twelve hurricane-like storms strike the coastlines with a big number of high winds and a daily occurrence of thunderstorms! More than 1,000 tornadoes strike America, especially in Florida and the southern plains (Tornado Alley). Loss due to damage by hail storms accounts for billions of dollars annually. The accumulated snow leads to greater magnitude of losses. All of the above lead to massive immediate and long-term losses due to evils such as water seepage, equipment damage, loss of power, collapsing of roofs and many other ill-effects that could cause damage to property and life.


Aftermath of storms After a storm, damaged roof repair and restoration is a big task. As individuals and businesses begin to start anew, they face a world of challenges. Apart from emotional and financial pressures, they find themselves in the middle of logistic problems as well. Skilled manpower is in great demand during tough times. However, the high demand can lead to a shortage of hours that they are available. Many times, due to their busy schedules, it could take weeks to get someone to inspect your property. When disaster strikes, it is very important for all concerned people to remain calm and compassionate; this helps one and understand the situation and reduces the stress involved. The team at SRCG is well trained to cope with any level of disaster in the most efficient manner, ranking us among the top industry leaders in disaster management. SRCG has a skilled and trained workforce in place along with the required logistics to deal with the biggest disasters and their after effects. Our commercial roof disaster response service team will survey the affected property as quickly as possible. Our certified manpower resources ensure that all repairs are done appropriately to avoid any further problem.


Speed matters In times of crisis, such as leakage or other faults, timely action is very critical. SRCG responds fast to all calls to prevent further damage by controlling the situation as soon as possible. Our skilled workforce uses the best in class equipment and material to undertake emergency repairs and protect your building from water intrusion and eventual damage. We inspect, clean up dangerous debris and begin the necessary repairs at the earliest.


Prompt and Swift We guarantee an immediate response and good turn-around time. In fact, if you are registered with us, you don’t even need to call us! We will inspect your residential or commercial property and start restoration or repair work within the predetermined budget or limit as agreed upon with you.


How it works Inspection A quick inspection and reporting of damages and a suggested improvement plan through our storm damage roof repair services Repair/ Stabilize Execution of repairs within a pre-authorized limit to control any further damage Restore/ Replace Restoration or replacement of any damaged or destroyed roofs.


Armed with a rich legacy of happy customers, we are a reputed roofing services company with a proven track record of successful projects. Our passion, commitment to quality and work ethics reflect in our work. We are proud to state that our highly satisfied customers never shy away from recommending us. We strive to achieve and maintain highest industry standards in every project we take up and work towards continuous improvement. We are committed to delivering high-quality, cost effective and timely services to all our customers.