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Planned Maintenance

The roof of a building has to bear a lot. High winds, ice storms, rain and snow can cause potential damage to roofs. While we never know what the weather might bring, the least we can do is be
prepared! If we ignore the maintenance and repair of a roof, it can elevate existing problems. Even small leakages or broken materials can lead to financial losses of a high magnitude.

It is advisable to make a small and timely investment to ensure regular roof inspection. Planned roof maintenance can help you reduce unwanted and costly repair and replacement in your roofing system. Preventive maintenance can lead to a higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Planned maintenance: preparing for the worst

Our planned maintenance module is sure to calm all of your worries about roofing systems. We help protect and prolong the life of your roof by:

  • Lowering overall expenses by providing predictable roofing costs
  • Budgeting maintenance expenses and allocating capital replacements
  • Ensuring optimum performance of your roofing systems and valid warranties
  • Customized roofing solutions to fit your requirements within your budget and business needs


Preventive roof maintenance helps avoid unexpected roofing issues, premature roof disintegration or replacement and roofing system budgetary issues.

Roof maintenance services include:

Our trained workforce examines your roof exteriors, inspects the condition of wall panels, area dividers, walls, roof penetrations and other parameters; they document each aspect for future reference.

The roof surface, gutters, interior drains are cleaned of all debris to ensure there is no holding of water that can lead to seepage and eventually, result in premature damage and aging of the roof.
Maintenance – Deteriorated sealants are replaced on metal flashings, suspect flashing and top-off pitch pans. Curbs and perimeters are resealed. Drain clamps and rain collars at pipe penetrations are also secured.

Report submission
We submit an annual report of all work done to all our customers. This includes a summary of tasks done, assessment of roof condition, updated roof drawings and images.

Roof restoration
Installation of heavy equipment and water damage can lead to potential wear and tear on the roofing system. This can cause permanent damage and premature aging of roofs. However, with planned maintenance and timely intervention by experts, damaged roofs can be restored. Thus, regular inspections and minor repairs can help one save thousands of dollars that would be required to replace the roofing system of a building.