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Tile and Slate

Are you looking to install tile roofing for your home or office? Our team of experts at SRCG is waiting for your call. We can do roofing work that is durable and looks great.

This is primarily used for residential roofing systems. However, many non-residential and commercial buildings implement these tile and slate roofing systems, for either covering the entire roof, or for accent finishes. Usually, tiles are placed in parallel rows, with each row overlapping its penultimate row.

These roofing systems are ideal for steep slope areas of a roof. Tile and slate roofing can sustain tough climatic conditions, and last long. They are preferred in the Southern parts as they improve ventilation, keeping the building cool.

They are considered as great investments. Concrete tile roofing or shingles are used in buildings such as, wineries and student housing, that have non-residential roofs.

Benefits of Tile and slate roofing:

  • If laid properly, a water tight roof is obtained
  • Tile roofing keeps a house cool and ensures good ventilation
  • Slate is water proof, fire proof, and can withstand changes in the climate
  • Natural slate requires minimum processing to be used
  • Slate is aesthetic and highly durable; can last up to hundreds of years